Rochelle Lash, Ink

Corporate Communications

Rochelle Lash has worked in Corporate Communications and Public Affairs for historic Canadian companies that have broad international scope including:



Bank of Montreal

The Ritz-Carlton Montreal was North America's first Ritz when its doors opened in 1912. Its guest list includes major world figures such as Queen Elizabeth II and Sir Winston Churchill, not to mention the Rolling Stones and Jerry Seinfeld.

As Director of Communications during the Ritz's 90th year, Rochelle created evocative brochures and organized media coverage in more than 50 publications including the influential Maclean's Magazine and National Post.

The Bank of Montreal is Canada's oldest major bank, operating since 1817, and now with offices world-wide. As
Publications Editor,
Rochelle was part of the team supervising the graphic design, photography and production of the
Annual Report and Employee Publications.

Involved in Bank of Montreal projects from arts donations to a sweeping internal reorganization, Rochelle travelled to Japan, New York, Chicago, Toronto and Canada's Northwest Territories